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Tecnical designs and manufactures full lines for the production of pressed and auto-pressed cheese. It also has a wide range of machines for the treatment of cheese before it is dispatched, among which we would like to focus in particular in this article on cutting systems.

For cheese cutting, Tecnical's wide range of equipment includes the more traditional machines with stainless steel blades as well as the latest technology using ultrasound. The selection of one system or another will normally depend on the type of cheese one wants to cut and the requirements of the cut, whatever the required production capacity and the characteristics of the formats to be obtained may happen to be.


DIVIFORM cutters are the simplest machines we manufacture for cutting cheese into wedges. They are equipped with a blade head that is actuated by a pneumatic system. These are very sturdy and simple machines that hardly require any maintenance and just need a compressed air feed to operate (they do not even need electricity).

The great versatility of our DIVIFORM wedge cutting machines is their outstanding feature as by simply changing the blades we can change the number of wedges that are cut. In addition, there are also options: one can incorporate a centring system for cheeses or automate the unloading of the portions from the cutting machine, thereby increasing output.


Ultrasound cutters are equipped with the most advanced technology and the latest cutting system that adjusts to any type of cheese, ranging from very soft to very hard, and in both cases preventing any deforming of the portion surface or crumbs as a result of the cut.

The main aim of ultrasound cutting machines is to obtain portions of an exact weight, which allows cheese producers to sell them at a fixed weight and a fixed price, which is increasingly in demand from sales channels and large retailers.

Ultrasound cutters achieve this exact portion weight thanks to an optimum cutting quality and an exhaustive analysis of the cheese before cutting commences.

Firstly, depending on the characteristics of the cheese to be cut, the power and shape of the ultrasound blade that will be required is exhaustively analysed. The correct selection of the ultrasound blade will enable us to ensure that the cutting of the portions is faultless, with no wastage of any kind and a completely smooth surface in the area where the cut is made.

Secondly, this exhaustive analysis of the cheese is conducted by weighing and artificial vision scanning, which makes it possible to measure the volume of cheese precisely. In this way, even if the cheese is misshapen or not completely uniform, the portions obtained from ultrasound cutting can still be identical. In this regard, the software plays a crucial role to adjust to the customer's requirements: this wastage that we may encounter with some irregular-shaped cheeses can be distributed among the portions; some can be discarded or one can look for the exact weight based on a series of tolerances in the dimensions of the final portion.

Tecnical's division that specializes in these ultrasound cutting systems has extensive experience in very specific segments such as cakes and pre-cooked items, so we are always ready to supply cheese portion cutting lines that generate the smallest possible losses due to wastage. With the latest generation of machines we supply, actual wastages are in the region of 1% in 250g cuts of blind cheeses.
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