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New equipment is constantly being developed and existing systems optimised according to production process needs in Tecnical's R & D department. The aim is to offer innovative solutions with cutting-edge technology at all times. Technical also collaborates with prestigious food technology institutes and polytechnic universities.

Several patents have recently been developed to improve the method of washing cheese moulds and pressing systems.


An automatic horizontal press (AHP) has been developed and specially designed for individual moulds in cheese factories which process a medium-high volume of cheese. It is based on the semi-automatic, horizontal pressing concept, where the pieces of cheese are placed horizontally next to each other on support blocks and a pneumatic pressing cylinder is activated to start the cycle. The aim is to offer fully automatic, highly versatile equipment to save space in production areas.

Automatic horizontal presses (AHP) minimise the surface area occupied in cheese making, by making use of the maximum height in production areas via automatic loading and unloading of the moulds. This is done independently and even simultaneously by loading and unloading tilting conveyors on the sides of the press. It is a high capacity pressing system that occupies a relatively small space for a large number of moulds.

Another significant advantage of the automatic horizontal press (AHP) is its great versatility. Different cheese formats can be pressed at different levels and at different pressures and times. Thus, a single machine can press cheeses with different formats and others made by different methods.


Optimal cleaning and disinfection of the micro-perforated moulds used to make cheese are extremely important, as are energy and financial savings. Therefore, to solve the technological needs at all times, Technical has recently developed an innovative washing tank for micro-perforated moulds, which consists of three completely independent sections: pre-wash, wash and rinse.

Technical designed the mould washing equipment on the premise that the mould washing temperature and the contact time with the chemical are very important in the cleaning process. Thus, equipment with a new and innovative washing concept has been designed so that moulds remain in the cleaning solution for a long time. This innovative cleaning system is arranged vertically, so that the long stay of the moulds in the cleaning solution does not unduly affect the space occupied in the production plant.

It should also be mentioned that the energy and financial savings achieved by having completely separate pre-wash, wash and rinse sections in the equipment are very significant. Thus, the cleaning solution is not mixed with the rinse water, with the consequent detergent loss, and the cleaning water in the different sections is also prevented from mixing.
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