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Tecnical's products stand out, among many other features, for their great efficiency: they guarantee that the cheese-making process delivers high yields and homogeneity of production, they are very reliable, require little maintenance and have the right technology to be able to provide remote assistance via the web in the unlikely event of a fault.


Achieving the maximum yield of the milk in the cheese-making process is an extremely important factor and one that any manufacturer must take into account when it comes to evaluating the efficiency of a production line. Aware of this, Tecnical is constantly innovating its machines, equipping them with the most advanced technology to reduce loss of fines and increase productivity.

In this regard, of all the range of machinery that Tecnical offers, we would emphasise that the most efficient ones in terms of productivity are the CDT setting vats and the MULTIFORMAT moulder: clean cutting; appropriate agitation of the curd, minimizing the generation of fines and the presence of cream in the whey, fast and dynamic draining of the setting vat, and integrated moulding for draining, pre-pressing and portioning the cheeses directly inside the moulds.


Achieving a homogeneous product in terms of shape, weight and organoleptic characteristics is a very important factor and it is easy to do so thanks to the efficiency of Tecnical's cheese manufacturing lines. All Tecnical's cheese manufacturing machines, whether they are pressed cheese manufacturing lines or auto-pressing cheese lines, are designed to deliver maximum homogeneity of production.

In the CDT setting vats, a very regular curd grain is obtained and a mix with the ideal curd-whey ratio, which means that the moulder can be fed continuously and appropriately.

The moulders are designed to obtain the most homogeneous cheeses possible. Their exclusive intake mouth design allows them to adjust easily to the desired humidity; in addition, with a tube perforation that is made to measure for each project, they can work with or without eyes (blind cheeses). We should stress that, thanks to the moulder, the weight variations we achieve among the cheeses of the same batch are minimal, around 3%.

The pressing process is adjusted to the mould types and the brine systems have been developed and automated to achieve a uniform and efficient salting.


All machines supplied by Tecnical stand out for their robustness and simplicity, which contributes directly to their durability and low maintenance requirements.
Tecnical takes pride in supplying production lines that require very little technical maintenance by the customer. In most cases, this maintenance is carried out directly by the customer, but it is important to note that if required, Tecnical can provide preventive maintenance plans that are configured according to the specific needs. In the unlikely event of a fault, it can most often be resolved via a web-based remote link-up via with our technical staff.

It is also very important to emphasise the long-term durability of all machines designed and manufactured by Tecnical. Today, practically all of the equipment supplied 16 years ago when our company commenced operations is still operational and working at full capacity.
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